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Construct your dream home with Online collaborative design sessions and transform your personal vision of sophisticated living into 3D scaled plans, photorealistic renderings, virtual video tours, and CAD files ready for your engineering team.

See my services video below.

I am Lee Kartis and I want to help you design your dream home.

Whether it's Tropical, Contemporary, a Classic or anything in between, I provide distinctive world class designs that can be seen from Maui to Manhattan, and in magazines such as Architectural Digest, LUXE, Ocean Home, This Old House and VENICE.

Together we will transform your personal vision from an idea to a precision scale 3D model with both interior and exterior details. This allows you to fully see and understand your home before construction, while changes are still quick and simple to make .

Just supply me with a property survey and photographs, and I will start with creating your property's terrain. It will be geo-located for both actual sunlight and realistic views.

Throughout the process we will meet virtually online to review the progress, you will receive; photorealistic renderings, bird's eye floor plans and 360 degree video tours.

When the design is complete you will also receive scaled plan sets and files ready for engineering

Please take a look at my services page for more detailed information and contact me so I can help make your dream house a reality!